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We’re thrilled to announce that we’re growing the Laconia team!

As we begin to deploy our third fund, we’re excited to kick off the search for an associate to join our small but mighty investment team. As entrepreneurs and operators ourselves, we take a concentrated and hands-on approach to partnering with founders. We value empathy, candor, intellectual curiosity, diversity, and accessibility, and our ideal team member is someone entrepreneurial who is just as excited about building a company as they are about investing.

If this resonates with you, check out the full job description and submit your application by July…

Over the last several years, startup accelerators have become an increasingly popular funding option for entrepreneurs. With more of these programs emerging, it can be overwhelming to determine whether these programs provide enough tangible value to be worth their price.

While there’s certainly no shortage of curated lists and databases of various hybrid mentorship/funding models, it can also be difficult to parse complex structures, hidden costs, and potential traps. In an effort to shed some light on the topic, below are a few quick thoughts to keep in mind when considering accelerators.

Why should you consider an accelerator program?


“The Black Swan of 2020.”

“VCs are open for business as usual.”

“Don’t raise money this year unless you absolutely need to.”

Filled with extremes and contradictions, 2020 was a trial by fire for us all. While simultaneously shouldering the personal toll of an unprecedented pandemic, economic crisis, and social and political turbulence, every business leader was forced to rethink their operations under completely new circumstances.

For venture-backed founders in particular, where the professional is in many cases deeply personal, too, the overnight transition from full-team retreats, client meetings, and investor coffee chats to 100% digital communication raised a fundamental…

Over the past few years, countless blogs have been written on the topic of “breaking into venture capital”. While these perspectives are undoubtedly helpful data points to those aspiring to join investor ranks, perhaps the more interesting question is, how can venture capital firms expand accessibility into this traditionally insular industry? To that end, we’re excited to share the playbook for one of our most successful tools for expanding the VC pipeline: our internship program. …

One of the best parts of our job is meeting with entrepreneurs. We get an opportunity to collaborate with determined people who are willing to go up against the unknown and navigate the hurdles as they come, whether it’s creating a product from scratch, navigating a frustratingly opaque financial ecosystem (yes, venture capital, we’re talking about you!), or managing the morale of their employees through the inevitable ups & downs. These discussions are inspiring, energizing, and, in many cases, elucidating.

In our conversations with founders, perhaps the biggest perception discrepancy that we discovered between entrepreneurs and investors is VCs’ accessibility…

Carlos Miguel Gutierrez is the Founder and CEO of Highline Point Group, LLC, a strategic advisory firm based in New York City. An investor and advocate for entrepreneurship, he is also a Managing Director of Golden Seeds, one of the nation’s most active early stage investment firms. Carlos also serves as the Executive Director of the Ignite Institute at Saint Peter’s University, which focuses on fostering entrepreneurship. He is a contributor to The Huffington Post, The Times of Israel, Asia Times, and The Jerusalem Post. His writing has also been featured by CNBC, Univision, and El Pais. …

Amith is a serial entrepreneur who believes in combining purpose, passion and profit. He is the founder of Aptify, a purpose-driven company focused on providing technology and services to the not-for-profit sector around the globe. More recently, Amith founded Association Success Corporation, a group of businesses rooted in a shared purpose of helping associations achieve greater success. Association Success’ companies include and You can follow him on Twitter @AmithNagarajan.

This interview is a part of “Through the Looking Glass”, our content series focused on amplifying underrepresented Limited Partner voices.

I’d love to hear about your background and how…

Diane is the founder of Rogue Capital Collective, a venture capital firm that invests in tech startups that focus on building solutions in the following categories: the future of money and real estate. Prior to Rogue, she dedicated 10 years to the successful operation and expansion of her Manhattan based commercial real estate company, landing her in Forbes Company to Watch. You can follow Diane on Twitter @InvestorDiane.

This interview is a part of “Through the Looking Glass”, our content series focused on amplifying underrepresented Limited Partner voices.

I’d love to kick off with a little bit about your background…

Lo is the founding managing partner of Plexo Capital. Previously, Lo was an investing partner at GV and Comcast Ventures. Lo has held executive roles at both startups and global consumer brands. He was the general manager of Zynga Poker, the gaming company’s largest franchise, and held operating positions at and eBay. You can follow Lo on Twitter @lo_toney.

This interview is a part of “Through the Looking Glass”, our content series focused on amplifying underrepresented Limited Partner voices.

I would love to hear a little bit of background on what led you to start Plexo.

This all started…

Holly is the Founder and CEO of The 85-Percent. She is an advertising, strategic planning, and brand communications veteran, with twelve years’ experience at agencies such as Ogilvy, BBH, and StrawberryFrog. In 2010, Holly founded The Good Girls — the first branding firm focused on women-led enterprise and social innovation. She is currently running for Congress for New York’s 10th District. You can follow Holly on Twitter @hollylynchny.

This interview is a part of “Through the Looking Glass”, our content series focused on amplifying underrepresented Limited Partner voices.

By way of background — were you always mission-oriented?

I think I…


Laconia leads seed rounds in companies revolutionizing legacy industries.

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