Solving High Pain-Point Problems in Existing Markets & Workflows

Late Seed B2B SaaS in Northeast Major Markets

  • Asset value potential: Our <$1 million investment amounts are best utilized in capital-efficient firms that can reach profitable growth before/after their Series A round. While we’d be happy to find “unicorns” (companies with $1 billion+ valuations), we actively aim for the $100–250 million M&A exit market. As we all know, the more money is raised, the higher the bar is for an exit. We are cognizant not only of our own equity stakes but also our founders’: we want them to be in the strongest position for their best possible personal outcome rather than pricing themselves out of most feasible exit options.
  • Early B2B traction: Typically, B2B companies are more capital efficient (at least in the early stages) than B2C ones, which typically require significant upfront capital for user acquisition before activating any revenue models. We like to see revenue, market feedback, and customer engagement metrics before investing, making B2B the obvious fit.
  • Software scalability: Though we are typically sector-agnostic, we do focus on software & avoid capital-intensive segments such as energy, agriculture, most hardware products, and two-sided marketplace models with high capital requirements for “chicken or egg” user acquisition models.
  • Active support: We build concentrated portfolios driven by strong conviction and and high support. Unlike some VCs with a more diversified strategy, we do not expect just one company to drive fund returns. A benefit of this approach is that we are intensely committed to all of our portfolio companies; we don’t write off & walk away from them when they hit a rough patch. This focused strategy and downside risk consideration drive our investment parameters.
  • B2B inevitability: As with capital efficiency, B2B models provide more downside risk protection than B2C ones. While many B2C companies rely on customers’ (somewhat unpredictable and fickle) tastes, B2B problems and solutions are typically objectively definable, identifiable, and quantifiable. In most cases, you can put a number to how much time and/or money is wasted by or allocated toward solving a given business inefficiency. Additionally, solutions to high pain-point problems typically have an “inevitability” to them. As just one example, AutoFi connects car dealers & lenders to enable the purchase & financing of vehicles instantly online from home, a solution that is undoubtedly bound to exist.
  • Late seed validation: Our $25k-75k MRR parameter is a proxy for a certain level of traction. We like to see product stickiness, high retention, and exceptional evidence of market demand (“land & expand” within existing customers, increasing contract sizes, even potentially preliminary acquisition offers). This stage focus enables us to gauge whether a product is a “must have” or “nice to have”.
  • NY, Boston, Philly, DC proximity: Our geographic concentration allows us to build stronger relationships with our founders and take on a more active in-person role when needed. Our active investor approach requires us to be within arms’ reach, whether it’s to advise on restructuring a sales team, interview executive candidates, or just grab a drink after a long and grueling week. From a portfolio perspective, we’ve found that the major metros have vast talent pools and diverse industries, providing more than enough deal flow to fill our pipe without having to travel far.
  • Core team expertise: This is probably the most important point. We stick to what we’re good at. Our operational experience lends itself most strongly to late seed B2B companies, as we’ve spent most of our careers as early stage operators in B2B technology companies. While there are many investors looking at the B2B SaaS space, we specialize in this and only this, bringing deep expertise in B2B sales, marketing, and business development that moves the needle on getting seed startups to Series A and beyond.
  • Network value: Additionally, our LP relationships and extended networks are a strong fit for B2B as well, enabling us to open doors to customer intros as soon as we dive into due diligence.




Laconia leads seed rounds in companies revolutionizing legacy industries.

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Laconia leads seed rounds in companies revolutionizing legacy industries.

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